Carlo Di Palma brought a particular, ineffable visual texture to the cinema of Woody Allen, a tangible, weathered beauty that made apartment interiors and city streets equally striking. The first film in what would become an eleven-year collaboration was this major milestone in Allen’s career, a sprawling yet minor-key chronicle of two years in the lives of three sisters (Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey, and an Oscar-winning Dianne Wiest at her neurotic best), and the men who satellite around them, including Allen as Farrow’s hypochondriac ex and Michael Caine (also an Oscar recipient here) as her philandering current husband. One of Allen’s most hilarious and heartfelt films, featuring unforgettable glimpses of eighties Soho, a gruffly funny Max von Sydow, and a tour de force lunch scene with Di Palma’s roving camera tracking around the sisters.