Director Michele Rho in person at June 11 screening!

Two brothers, Alessandro and Pietro, live in a small village in the Apennines at the end of the 19th century. When their mother dies, she leaves them with a magnificent bequest: two beautiful horses, from which they can make their livings. Several years later, the brothers are still close, yet it’s clear that each is increasingly eager to pursue his own, very separate, dreams. Horses has a welcome, deliberately old-fashioned quality: there is a marvelous integration of the stunning natural landscapes and the emotional lives of these characters, and the deliberate comparison between the brothers is never far from the center of narrative attention. Yet the film doesn’t feel mechanical or predictable: even when we can feel the hand of fate in the lives of these characters, we know that at any second the action can hurtle into another direction.

This screening will be preceded by an Olympic clip from the Instituto Luce Archive:
La XV Olimpiade – 07/1952
The 15th Olympiad: the first gold medal for Italy conquered by Giuseppe Dordoni
(Settimana Incom 818)