Q&A with actor Lee Jung-jae

Two enormous Korean stars, a magical time-portal mailbox, and a house by the lake were all mixed into the Korean melodrama pot in 2000 and out came Il Mare. Since then it has become a classic Korean romance, anchored by the performances of Lee Jung-jae and Jun Ji-hyun. Sung-hyun (Lee), an architectural student, moves into a house by the lake and starts getting mail from a woman named Eun-joo (Jun) who claims to have lived there. The only problem is that Sung-hyun is the first one to have ever lived in that house… Soon the time-crossed lovers begin plotting to meet up. The performances of the leads along with the brilliant production design by Kim Ki-cheol and beautiful cinematography by Alex Hong have since cemented this in the canon of Korean melodramatic romances. Part of Korean Actor in Focus: Lee Jung-jae. Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Service in New York.