Q&A with Angus Yeung

Enter a world where the classic martial arts tropes you know and love get a shot of 21st-century adrenaline. Our hero, a skilled fighter (Angus Yeung) with a six-pack that could cut glass, finds himself transported from the real world to an alternate universe where the fate of everything hangs in the balance. A wise, old shifu takes him under his wing, training him in the ancient ways of a deadly form of kickboxing. But there’s a catch: the master’s former pupil, a ruthless renegade, has assembled a gang of clumsy henchmen and a dragon-lady partner in crime who chews the scenery like it’s her last meal. They’re all after an artifact that could bring about the end of days. Luckily, our hero has an ally: the master’s comely, badass daughter, who puts the “art” in martial arts. Director Yuen Kim-Wai (Legally Declared Dead, NYAFF 2020) unleashes an old-school-meets-new-blood action extravaganza that harkens back to Chinatown’s Saturday matinee glory days.