Despite its nightmarish extension of Suspiria’s adult Technicolor fairy tale, the middle segment of Argento’s “Three Mothers” trilogy was barely released by international distributor 20th Century Fox due to a mid-production regime change. This partly explains why the loosely connected second installment—about a supernatural conspiracy that unites Suspiria’s Freiburg Dance Academy with a cursed Upper West Side apartment building—didn’t get its own sequel until almost 30 years later. Still, Inferno’s Art Nouveau meltdown remains a creative highlight for Argento, given its rapturous expression of Jungian archetypes, brought to life with an operatic score composed by British prog-rocker Keith Emerson, some technical and visual-effects assistance from horror maestro Mario Bava, armloads of domestic cats, and the specter of Death himself. Presented in an English dub.