Director Daniele Cipri in person for Q&A at June 7 screening!

Screening added Friday, June 7 at 6:30pm!

In his first film without long time partner Maresca, Daniele Cipri crafts with characteristic acid humor a multilayered tale about a Sicilian family tragedy populated with grotesque characters. The film, based on a novel by Roberto Alajmo, is a story within a story narrated by Old Busu, about the Ciraulo family boy who killed his father in a fight over a scratched car. Nicola Ciraulo (a wonderful Toni Servillo) makes a living by scavenging for old boat parts with son and father while his mother, wife, and adored daughter Serenella take care of the home in a grim housing project. A tragic accident resulting from a vendetta offers them the opportunity to make lots of money fast. What ensues is an unforgiving satire of Palermo lifestyle bordering on the absurd and involving a Mercedes Benz blessed with holy water.