Film Comment magazine resurrects the lost art of the double feature with monthly pairings of cinematic classics, cult and otherwise.

The Bridge at Remagen
John Guillermin | USA | 1969 | 35mm | 116m

George Segal, Ben Gazzara, Robert Vaughn and Bradford Dillman star in this underrated World War II action film about an outnumbered army company’s battle to hold the the last intact bridge across the Rhine, which will pave the way for the allies final push to Berlin, as the German military attempts to destroy it.

House of Cards
John Guillermin | USA | 1968 | 35mm | 100m

George Peppard stars in this thriller (written by Harriet Frank) as a down-on-his luck writer who becomes caught up in a Europe-wide fascist conspiracy after a French General’s widow (Inger Stevens) engages him to be the tutor to her son, the possible target of a kidnapping plot. Featuring Orson Welles.