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Two uncompleted works, both of which are essentially rushes of interviews with their respective subjects. The material on Losey was recorded right after his great triumph at Cannes with The Go-Between, for which he was awarded the Palme D’Or; he recounts his departure from America in the early 1950s, his difficulties in establishing himself in Europe, and his eventual reemergence with films such as The Servant and Accident. (58m)

Screening with:
Otto Preminger and the Dangerous Woman/Portrait d’Otto Preminger
André S. Labarthe | 1972-2012 | France | 58m

The Preminger interview was conducted by Annette Michelson, NYU Professor Emeritus and a leading figure in American film culture for over four decades. Michelson discusses Preminger’s origins in the theater, and the compromises he has made in order to maintain some control over his Hollywood projects.