New York Premiere

A kid-friendly remake of the beloved 1970s tokusatsu TV series Denjin Zaborgar by director Noboru Iguchi, the mad genius behind Robo Geisha and Machine Girl. Young, bright-eyed cop, Daimon, fights evil cyborgs, flying heads and alien samurai with his robot pal, Zaborgar, who knows karate and can transform into a motorcycle. But after battling some particularly weird monsters, the two have a falling out and go their own ways. Now, twenty-five years later, when Daimon is a middle-aged guy with back pain, their old enemies have returned and he and Zaborgar have to team up to defeat the evil mastermind who has finally finished building his giant, unstoppable robot. But can they let go of their grudges long enough to fight evil? Truly demented!