Tires and TVs have come to life—and thirsted for blood—in two of Quentin Dupieux’s earlier features, Rubber and Reality (Rendez-Vous 2015) respectively. With Keep an Eye Out!, the ever-unpredictable filmmaker and Brainfeeder-signed electronic musician returns with a seemingly intimately scaled bottle narrative: a minutiae-obsessed police inspector (a perfectly cast Benoît Poelvoorde, Man Bites Dog) bumbles and doubles back through the most agonizing interrogation of all time, much to the chagrin of the interviewee (Grégoire Ludig), who stumbled upon a dead body in front of his apartment building. When Poelvoorde’s inspector momentarily steps outside and leaves an anxious one-eyed officer (Marc Fraize) in charge, the story morphs into something more off-kilter. As one might expect from Dupieux, this is but one of several surprises in a film that is constantly in mesmerizing and darkly comedic flux.

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