Unifrance and Film at Lincoln Center present the lineup for the 29th edition of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema. Taking place from February 29 through March 10, this popular annual festival showcases the verve, creativity, and depth of contemporary French cinema in a variety of genres.

The 2024 Opening Night selection is Thomas Cailley’s French box office hit The Animal Kingdom, the director’s long-awaited follow-up to Love at First Fight (a highlight of Rendez-Vous 2015) and most recently nominated for 12 César Awards, including Best Director and Best Film. Cailley, who most recently won Best Director at the 29th Lumière Awards, envisions a mysterious infection that selectively mutates the bodies of ordinary people into animal hybrids at unpredictable speeds in a darkly imaginative exploration of a human ecosystem undergoing inexplicable—but potentially liberating—transformation.

“It is a great honor to open this year’s edition with the French critical and box-office hit The Animal Kingdom, with director Thomas Cailley in attendance,” said Daniela Elstner, executive director of Unifrance. “This remarkable film, along with this year’s selection, is a great example of the vitality and diversity of French cinema today. The attendance of a mix of new and established filmmakers together with the stellar presence of actress Marion Cotillard indeed make for a rich 29th edition of this year’s Rendez-Vous with French Cinema. This year’s lineup along with the recognition of Anatomy of a Fall at the Oscars, highlights what French cinema represents for American audiences today: an alternative voice and a vision of human relationships and world issues. Of the 21 feature films, more than half are directed by women and eight were made by first-time filmmakers. We are pleased to welcome them to New York during these 10 days.”

“This year’s edition of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema is an enthralling showcase of the very best in contemporary French cinema,” said Florence Almozini, VP of Programming for Film at Lincoln Center. “The impressive lineup features a host of French talent, introduces promising new directors, making their mark with their first or second feature, and welcomes back seasoned filmmakers eager to present their latest gem to New York audiences.”

Organized by Florence Almozini and Madeline Whittle, in collaboration with Unifrance.

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema is sponsored by Villa Albertine, TV5 Monde, Maison Occitanie, FIAF, The Plaza, New York