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This amiable, intimate portrait of legendary filmmaker Ann Hui, the NYAFF 2021 Star Asia Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, celebrates the life, career, and independent spirit of a brilliant, pioneering artist who is also the ultimate Hong Konger. Director Man Lim Chung, a frequent Hui collaborator, expertly deploys a wealth of archival images and interviews with friends, family, and a who’s who of film-industry stalwarts. But the vibrant, unfiltered Hui herself is our guide, captured while making Our Time Will Come (2017) at the age of 70, while at home with her elderly mother, and in the public eye. The chain-smoking, wisecracking, incessantly working, eternally enthusiastic filmmaker candidly discusses her tumultuous 40-year career; recalls her discovery, at the age of 16, that her mother was Japanese; and confesses to her ongoing love affair with books (“if film is my spouse, then literature is my mistress”). A must-see not only for Hui devotees, but for lovers of film everywhere.