Supporting player Oates all but steals the show in James Frawley’s sophisticated Western about a train robber trying to go straight. Dennis Hopper (still at the height of his powers, a mere two years after The Last Movie) stars as Bickford Waner (aka Kid Blue), a failed crook who arrives in Dime Box, Texas, in search of legal employment. Bickford soon befriends Reese (Oates) and his wife Molly (Lee Purcell), with whom, against his better judgment, he enters into an affair. But the local sheriff, Mean Jean (Western icon Ben Johnson), sees through Bickford’s flawed efforts to leave his criminal past behind… Oates makes a lively, emotionally resonant contribution to this surprisingly gentle, even relaxed take on the revisionist Western, which also features a memorable turn by Peter Boyle as an eccentric preacher/inventor.