Kuei Chih-hung loves his exploitation tropes, and with this movie he gives the world his very own, very bloody take on the biker picture (known more evocatively as Madboys in Hong Kong). Starting off as a teen beach movie, two couples head out to a remote seaside villa to enjoy a weekend of sun, surf, and barbecue. Also enjoying the sun and sand is a bike gang made up of spoiled rich kids who like to slum it as a rowdy bunch of road rebels on their spiffy Yamahas. A series of class-warfare pranks between the two groups rapidly escalates out of control and suddenly we’re watching Kuei’s version of Straw Dogs as the gang goes insane and decides that their barbecue menu will include the camping kids. Motorcycles jump through houses! Stuntmen on fire get thrown off rooftops! Boiling oil scorches faces! Biker gals strip naked! Spearguns will be used! By the end of this movie, everyone under the age of 21 has been run over, pierced, chopped, slashed, burned to death, or just bludgeoned into submission with a big old hog. Part of Sir Run Run Shaw Tribute. Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York and Celestial Pictures.