Introduction by Rosalie Varda on January 6

In one of her finest, most vulnerable performances, Jane Birkin is a 40-year-old divorcée who falls in love with her daughter’s 14-year-old, video-game-obsessed classmate, played by Mathieu Demy, son of Varda and filmmaker Jacques Demy. This eyebrow-raising premise is presented with surprising sympathy and tenderness, a radical challenge to audience identification and an all-too-rare exploration of female subjectivity. Throughout, Varda interweaves snapshots of the AIDS crisis, adding a pointed sociopolitical subtext to this one-of-a-kind romance. Based on an original story by Birkin, Kung-Fu Master! is a true family affair, featuring appearances from the actress’s daughters (Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon), parents, and brother.

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