Four tired-of-life middle-aged men—Mastroianni’s randy airplane pilot, Michel Piccoli’s gassy television producer, Philippe Noiret’s Oedipal judge, and Ugo Tognazzi’s Brando-impersonating chef—convene at an opulent Parisian villa for a gut-busting, nihilistic orgy of food and sex. Joined by three prostitutes and a kinky schoolteacher, the quartet gorge themselves silly on elaborately prepared feasts, make love anywhere and everywhere, and sometimes combine the two pursuits—all in the name of hedonistic self-destruction. Shocking, subversive, and scatological, this savage satire of bourgeois excess is the most outrageous act of gastronomic grotesquerie ever perpetrated on screen. 35mm print from Istituto Luce Cinecittà.