North American premiere! ADDED: 3PM SCREENING ON SUNDAY, APRIL 17!

The old Russian soul of the Lettre du cinéma gang, Moscow-born Pierre Léon ingeniously condenses and updates Dostoevsky’s novel about a 19-year-old intellectual reconnecting with his estranged family in his impressive debut feature. After six years in a Swiss boarding school, Pierre (Nikos Maurice) returns to Paris. His mother, a pianist, is seriously ill and jealously guarded by the family. Pierre’s father, a famous conductor, is conspicuously uncomfortable with his son, who soon realizes that strange conspiracies are taking shape around him. Pierre tries to escape by entering a theater school, but this does not prevent him from seeking to settle old scores with his father, at any cost. Never distributed in France despite numerous festival appearances, The Adolescent effortlessly brings Dostoevsky’s story into the 21st century without sacrificing any of its elemental power.