In this spectacular, deliriously over-the-top, sexed-up, and compulsively watchable adaptation of Colin Wilson's The Space Vampires, London is overrun by rampaging, energy-sucking zombies after a trio of humanoids in a state of suspended animation are brought to earth after being discovered in the hold of an abandoned European space shuttle. The mysterious beings are taken to London's Space Research Center for examination, whereupon the gorgeous and totally nude female of the trio (statuesque French actress Mathilda May) revives, reduces a hapless military guard to a desiccated cadaver, and then escapes into the city—still stark naked—in search of prey. Soon all three aliens (one of them played by Mick Jagger's brother Chris) are wreaking havoc throughout the city, their victims turned into zombies craving the life-force of the living. Can the shuttle mission's sole survivor, Steve Railsback, and SAS Colonel Peter Firth (no relation to Colin) save the planet before the audience succumbs to the film's groan-worthy dialogue, risible plot, and hilarious supporting performances? Featuring a pre Star Trek: TNG Patrick Stewart, and Frank Finlay as the memorably-named space scientist Dr. Hans Fallada.