Lodge, a now-gone psychiatric institution in Rockville, Maryland. A fresh-faced Warren Beatty stars as Vincent, a veteran who takes a job as a training occupational therapist at the institution, where he falls under the spell of the titular Lilith (Jean Seberg), an alluring, creative patient who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Their fraught, tortured romance raises ethical questions but also forces Vincent to confront his own psychic issues stemming from his military service. Also featuring Peter Fonda, Kim Hunter, and Gene Hackman, Lilith remains Rossen’s most moving and personal film.

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Minnie the Moocher
Dave Fleischer, 1932, USA, 35mm, 8m
This Betty Boop musical from Fleischer Studios begins with live action footage of Cab Calloway before transforming into a surrealistic animation in which he becomes a singing walrus ghost backed by a symphony of skeletons, monsters, and ghouls.

“The real “director” of Minnie the Moocher is the lead animator Willard Bowsky, as Dave didn’t really “direct” any of those cartoons except for the earliest silents they did. Bowsky was also the one who convinced the Fleischers to feature black jazz artists in their cartoons.” Owen Kline