A masterpiece of American film comedy as undefinable as its title, Lord Love a Duck swings wildly between deadly-earnest pathos and wig-flipping Dada. Daughter of Lola Albright’s promiscuous cocktail waitress, high school senior Barbara Ann Greene (Tuesday Weld) expects the world—and Roddy McDowall’s worshipful familiar scrambles to give it to her on a platter. George Axelrod’s ahead-of-the-curve street-sweeper satire of SoCal culture hits drive-in megachurch worship, beach party movies, and show marriages, with cartoonish lust reaching a hilarious fever pitch during an unforgettable sweater shopping-spree sequence.

Preceded by:
The Bon Bon Parade
Ben Harrison, 1935, USA, 35mm, 8m
In this candy-colored spin on The Wizard of Oz from Krazy Kat animator Ben Harrison, a young boy wishes to live in a land full of treats, where he encounters a trio of Stooges-like cherubs.

“‘THIS MOTION PICTURE IS AN ACT OF PURE AGGRESSION.’ From famed screenwriter-turned-madcap filmmaker George Axelrod comes one of the most berserk black comedies ever committed to celluloid, with a whacked-out character actor ensemble to rival It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Axelrod claimed to have written his hit Broadway play The Seven Year Itch in a feverish sixty hours – one could imagine Lord Love A Duck written under the spell of a similar delirium.” –Owen Kline