A masterpiece of American film comedy as undefinable as its title, Duck swings wildly between deadly-earnest pathos and wig-flipping Dada. Daughter of Lola Albright’s sluttish cocktail waitress, high school senior Barbara Ann Greene (Weld) expects the world—and Roddy McDowall’s worshipful familiar scrambles to give it to her on a platter. George Axelrod’s ahead-of-the-curve street-sweeper satire of SoCal culture hits drive-in megachurch worship, beach party movies, and show marriages, with cartoon lust reaching a fever pitch on a shopping spree where cooing Barbara Ann seduces her own father into splurging on cashmere sweaters, with a foreplay-litany of brand-name colors. Pink Put-On! Grape Yum-Yum! Oh, my!