Q&A with Lucinda Childs and director Marie-Hélène Rebois

Beethoven’s Great Fugue may not be an obvious choice for postmodern dance. But Lucinda Childs, known for her cool minimalist approach, choreographed it for the Lyon Opera Ballet in 2016. The filmmaker Marie-Hélène Rebois, who has a knack for getting inside a choreographic process, was there to document the rehearsals and performance. Through this film, one gets a sense of how Childs builds the dance sequences architecturally and spatially, how she communicates with her dancers in informal exchanges, and how she stays above the fray, at once distant and fully present. World Premiere

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Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer, Canada, 2017, 14m
New York Premiere
Dancer-choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa evokes the duality of the powerful deity Shiva as both destroyer and protector as she performs a symbolic dance that combines gesture and abstract body language to a rhythmic musical score against the backdrop of the spectacular ancient ruins of a South Indian village.