Director Ferzan Ozpetek in person at June 8 screening!

The new film by Ferzan Ozpetek (Steam: The Turkish Bath, Facing Windows) is the story of Pietro (Elio Germano), an aspiring actor approaching 30 who’s just moved to Rome. After crashing with a cousin for a while, Pietro finds his own place, a rather extraordinary apartment offered for an extremely reasonable price. Pietro moves in, but begins to notice that each night when he returns some of his things have been moved. It soon becomes clear to him: Pietro is not living alone. A wry, insightful comedy, Magnificent Presence is filled with details about Pietro’s spectral housemates—who include Margherita Buy, Vittoria Puccini and Cem Yimaz, among others. Shocked and upset (not to mention scared) at first, Pietro soon figures out a way of cohabiting with his lodgers—the only group with which, he has to admit, he’s ever truly felt comfortable. 

This screening will be preceded by an Olympic clip from the Instituto Luce Archive:
Roma: Divise Per Le Atlete Olimpioniche – 09/1964
Uniforms for Olympic Athletes
(Caleidoscopio Ciac 1656)