After 16-year-old Nina (Zéa Duprez) sees a meteorite fall from the sky, she can’t find any physical evidence to prove what she witnessed. Instead, the mysterious event catalyzes an exploratory and quietly momentous summer, which sets the scene for Romain Laguna’s atmospheric first feature. Adrift after dropping out of school, Nina pursues love and lust with Morad (Billal Agab), her best friend’s older brother, who hails from an Algerian family in their otherwise culturally homogeneous village in the south of France. As their time passes, Nina senses a slight rift between the personal and shared stakes of their relationship, but the journey emerges as one of crucial self-discovery. Laguna crafts an evocative and tactile portrait of the hunger for experience that shapes our teenage years, and Duprez’s remarkably assured performance introduces a poised new talent. North American Premiere

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