Please Note: This event has been moved to the Francesca Beale Theater.

An international phenomenon, Minecraft is an online, sandbox style game that has attracted over forty million players since its launch in 2010. A critical and commercial powerhouse, the game revolutionized the idea of online community, and empowered players to build their own complex worlds in game-space. For the past two years the Voxel Box community has set the standard within the larger Minecraft world for empowering users to create their own amazing stories and environments using a special suite of tools created by these unique digital artists.

Minecraft veterans Ridgedog (Owner & Administrator) and KupoKupo (Administrator) from The Voxel Box will be joined on stage by Frank Rose, author of The Art of Immersion, to discuss the immersive potential of games and community. Join us for an exploration on the power of games as storytelling tools and how, through the unique prism of The Voxel Box, player-creators are rewriting the rules of how we engage with entertainment.

Ridgedog (The Voxel Box)
Ridgedog is the server owner and founder of The VoxelBox community. Two years ago, The VoxelBox had a humble start with only of a few friends, but quickly grew to give others a place to play Minecraft in a unique setting.  Ridgedog has been a unique force in the community helping to manage many aspects of what is done, from creating his adventure map Deep Space Turtle Chase, to creating other games played across servers everywhere. With his unique background experience he is now a part of the Yogscast, one of the largest and most successful content producers on Youtube.

KupoKupo (The Voxel Box)
KupoKupo joined The VoxelBox just before the community started to really take off. With a background centered around design, Kupo brought in her own unique vision to how the game can be played with her good friend and fellow VoxelBox administrator, Featherblade.  Together they have created their own adventure map – Pastry Pirates, a full sandbox styled game that users can interact with and explore. Kupo spends most of her time creating massive amounts of silliness in the community, and enjoys teaching everyone ways you can integrate Minecraft with real world design elements.

Frank Rose (Author, The Art of Immersion)
Frank Rose is the author of The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories. He speaks frequently about the impact of technology on entertainment, advertising, and society, which he covered for well over a decade as a contributing editor at Wired and a contributing writer at Fortune before writing The Art of Immersion. Among his other books is the national best-seller West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer, now available in an updated edition.