Q&A with Francisco Graciano

#MyDanceFilm: Getting Your Film Out There
Various Artists, 60m
Dance filmmakers, fresh and seasoned alike, engaged the public by posting their films to social media. A selection of these bold new dance films from around the globe make up the festival’s #MyDanceFilm Program

(fun)action by Catherine Caruncho
Quarantine Hotel by Yoko Murakami
The Keeping of the Bees by Christina Belinsky
Utopia by Svitlana Vechirka (choreographer) and Alyona Haidukova (videographer)
Sheriauna by Mandy Yip, Rachel Bower, and Loren
RIFT by Sherry Erskine and Bonnie Sue Stein
deluge by Kadri Hansen
Pit Stop by Andy and Dionne Noble (Noblemotion Dance)
BRAIN BLOW by Jessica Ray and Nate Reninga
Heavenly Body by Meg Murphy
Weighted by Pritha Kundu and Anushka Chowdhury
The Legend Says by Irina Kononova and Alexey Rukinov