Filmmaker Helena Wittmann, Matías Umpierrez, and Sarah-Violet Bliss in person for both screenings.

A program comprising six short films:

Landscape (Paisaje)
Matias Umpierrez | Argentina | 2013 | DCP | 13m

In the aftermath of tragedy, a woman seeks solace in nature.
Spanish with English subtitles
Travel support provided by Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires – GCBA

The Wild (Wildnis)
Helena Wittmann | Germany | 2013 | DCP | 12m

The quiet home of an elderly couple comes alive through projections of animals-in-the-wild footage shot by the husband.
German with English subtitles

Dania Reymond | France/Taiwan | 2012 | HDCam | 9m
An unlikely collision of animation, the Arctic, and Antonioni.
Bunun with English subtitles

Pieces (Anacos)
Xacio Baño | Spain | 2012 | DCP | 7m

A young man assembles fragments of his mother’s life.
Galician with English subtitles

Three, Two
Sarah-Violet Bliss | USA | 2013 | HDCam | 2m

A mother and daughter come home to a disturbing surprise.

The Reaper (La Parka)
Gabriel Serra | Mexico | 2013 | DCP | 29m

An exploration of a man’s relationship with death, and what one must do to live.
Spanish with English subtitles