New York Premieres!

Taboulé Director Richard Garcia, Pirate of Love Director Sara Gunnarsdottir, Flamingos Director Francesca Coppola, Ararat Director and Actor Engin Kundağ and Claudio Schulz-Keune, and Take a Deep Breath Director and Actor Basak Buyukcelen and Celal Kadri Kinoglu in person at all screenings!

Richard Garcia | 2011 | Spain | 4m

How can you measure trust? A story about secret codes. New York Premiere!

The Pirate of Love
Sara Gunnarsdottir | 2012 | Iceland/USA | 10m

A filmmaker chases the legends surrounding a CD of popular Reykjavik love songs, supposedly written by a lovelorn trucker in Canada. New York Premiere!

Flamingos / I Fenicotteri
Francesca Coppola | 2012 | Italy | 15m

Father and daughter share a sentimental moment, but trouble boils under the surface. North American Premiere!

Sequin Raze
Sarah Gertrude Shapiro | 2013 | USA | 20m

A reality-show contestant tries to protect herself from the psychological onslaught of one of the producers.

Engin Kundag | 2012 | Germany/Turkey | 26m

A man tries to keep the peace in his brother’s home after a ten-year absence.

Take a Deep Breath / Derin Nefes Al
Basak Buyukcelen | 2012 | Turkey | 8m

When a teenager’s parents take her to see a gynecologist, her life takes an unexpected turn.