San Siro
Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 2014, DCP, 24m

This portrait of Milan's famed stadium is both clinical and otherworldly, casting game-time preparation as the subliminal, collective ritual of our day.

Boulevard’s End
Nora Fingscheidt, Germany, 2014, DCP, 15m

Venice Pier, where L.A. meets the ocean, draws people to play, flirt, and dream. Two immigrants recount their long journeys to this place shared by so many. North American Premiere

Blue and Red
Zhou Tao, Thailand, 2014, DCP, 25m

From anti-government protests in Bangkok to rural areas in China, the march of human life is bathed in vibrant colors as if under a microscope, in what the artist dubs an “epidermal touch.” World Premiere

Felipe Guerrero, Colombia, 2014, DCP, 13m
An obscure, trancelike tour of a place as menacing as it is incomprehensible. North American Premiere

The Field of Possible
Matías Meyer, Mexico/Canada, 2014, DCP, 10m

A single shot charts a Montreal residential building over the course of four seasons, deriving poetry from observation. World Premiere