Introduction by Andrei Crețulescu, Luiza Pârvu & Andreea Vălean and producers Codruța Crețulescu & Toma Peiu

A selection of the New York, Telluride, and Chicago film festivals, Andrei Crețulescu’s Cannes prizewinner Ramona—a perfectly crafted act of poetic justice at its darkest—is a highlight of this collection of eight internationally recognized short films. Additional dark works include Luiza Pârvu’s Start Anew World, a quiet story of sacrifice from a forgotten generation of Romanian immigrants in the U.S.; Roxana Stroe’s Black Friday, a deadpan tale of an occasional sniper in communist Romania; Marius Olteanu’s Tie, about a strange nighttime encounter between a cab driver and his female client; and Radu Potcoavă’s The Messenger, an absurd face-off between a gangster and a teen. On the lighter side, there’s Andreea Vălean’s hilarious Balkan music-infused There’s Nothing in this World and Matei Branea’s kinky sci-fi animation Omulan!. And, last but certainly not least, Cristi Puiu’s Christmas tale Das Spektrum Europas, a subversive history lesson taught by an old couple in bed. All films in Romanian with English subtitles, screening on loop.

Black Friday
Roxana Stroe, Romania, 2015, digital projection, 21m
In the Communist era, standing in line for food is a normal occurrence. After a long wait on an empty stomach, Mihail doesn’t receive his food ration. The next day he attempts to be the first in line…

Matei Branea, Romania, 2015, digital projection, 15m
Omulan travels through space in search of God and lands on a mysterious planet marked by the divine triangle. He explores it, discovering triangle-shaped critters everywhere but not THE ONE he’s looking for. Until he does…

Start Anew World / O lume nouă
Luiza Pârvu, Romania/Hungary/USA, 2014, digital projection, 23m
Pennsylvania, 1908. Romanian immigrant cobbler Petru greets his cousin’s wife Ana in their New World home with silent affection. Before he wins her heart, however, he must relate a piece of news that will change her forever.

Das Spektrum Europas
Cristi Puiu, Romania, 2014, digital projection, 13m
A Christmastime conversation in bed between a husband and wife as she reads aloud from Hermann Keyserling’s 1928 book Das Spektrum Europas, in which the German philosopher reduced most of southeastern Europe to unflattering national stereotypes.

There’s Nothing in This World / Nu există-n lumea asta
Andreea Vălean, Romania, 2015, digital projection, 10m

Two old friends reconnect after a long time. One is a sketchy bar manager, the other an art designer with a huge poker debt. Is their childhood bond strong enough for carrying out a promise made to a dead father?

Tie / Scor alb
Marius Olteanu, Romania, 2015, digital projection, 28m
As a soccer match paralyzes Bucharest, an anxious businesswoman takes a cab, but once in front of her building, she asks the driver to keep her company until the next morning. At any price.

The Message / Mesagerul
Radu Potcoavă, Romania, 2015, digital projection, 13m
On his way home, a teenager witnesses a triple murder in broad daylight. Scared to death, he tries to run away, but is caught by the killer. He has only one chance to make it out alive…

Andrei Crețulescu, Romania, 2015, digital projection, 21m
One night. One girl. One car. No coincidence.