Newly restored 70mm print screening July 23-25 only!

Sixty-five years ago, Alfred Hitchcock released his stylish, brilliantly self-parodic espionage thriller, which changed every Hollywood action production in its wake. This summer, for three days only, it returns to Film at Lincoln Center on a newly restored 70mm print. A successful, handsome Madison Avenue executive (Cary Grant) is mistaken for a Fed by foreign agents (led by James Mason, villainously debonair) and pushed into a cross-country medley of imposing set pieces. Wryly referred to as the first James Bond film, this VistaVision marvel deploys the director’s familiar-sounding The Wrong Man plot structure but exaggerates every detail—including Bernard Herrmann’s kaleidoscopic score and Saul Bass’s kinetic opening title sequence—on a dizzying scale, taking us everywhere from the posh and modernist interiors of New York City and Chicago to a vast, flat, Midwestern cornfield to, finally, the gigantic faces of Mount Rushmore above Rapid City.

North by Northwest (1959) was filmed in VistaVision and released in 1.85. Motion Picture Imaging scanned the original 8-perf 35mm VistaVision camera negative in 13k with all restoration work completed in 6.5k. The 70mm film print was created by filming out a new 65mm negative. The Film Foundation has given approval of the restoration.