Director Christine Delorme in person April 3!

Sembene's legend is that of a man politically involved and strongly committed, but little attention has been paid to his private and family life. For this reason he remains a solitary figure, an image he himself cherished. As Sembène says, “I am a storyteller, an artist striving to express the secret pulsation of my people.” Delorme’s film portrays Sembène at his most candid and reveals his take on the women in his film Guelwaar.

Screening with:
Borom Sarret

Ousmane Sembène | Senegal | 1963 | 18m

The genesis of Black African Cinema can be traced to this short, stark masterpiece that chronicles a day in the life of a Dakar cart driver. The frustrating day of this borom sarret (a Wolof expression for cart driver) leaves him cheated out of his wages and deprived of his cart.