The Producers Guild of America (PGA) has been recognizing producers working on platforms beyond television and movie screens for a decade, and in that time, the opportunities to create on new media types has expanded exponentially. Seasoned PGA members will share some of their early work integrating the creative process on multiple platforms and describe how those techniques have evolved into what we see today. We will discuss the process, business models, team and tools, as well as the ins and outs of working with producers on multiple platforms as it relates to projects involving: film, animation, digital distribution and platform extension. The art of producing holds many similarities even though the art that is produced may lead to very different experiences. How do leaders in the field keep a handle on creative consistency while breaking new ground with technology? How do you produce successful convergent material?

Dilly Hossain, Producer (PGA Member)
Jordan Geary, Head of Production – FlickerLab (PGA Member)
Harold Moss, Creative Director – FlickerLab
Ellen Doherty, Executive Producer – CYBERCHASE for WNET New York
Caitlin Burns, Starlight Runner (PGA Member, moderator)

Presented in partnership with the Producers Guild of America New Media Council.