The word “transmedia” often conjures images of interactive worlds filled with fictional characters and vast story arcs yet some of the most compelling work being done by creators today is in field of immersive, multiplatform documentaries. Moderated by Orlando Bagwell (MLK; Hymn: Remember Alvin Ailey; JustFilms), this panel will explore some of the most intriguing work being done in the field today – nonfiction pieces that tell their story in film, television, online, and in living color – and discuss the profound effects of synthesizing the cutting edge storytelling techniques with riveting documentary material. Featuring panelists actively developing immersive projects and those engaging with the form for the first time the discussion promises a twist on the classic adage – that the truth can be much more engaging than fiction.

Carl Deal & Tia Lessen (Trouble the Water, Citizen Koch)
Tom Jennings (Law & Disorder, an “Onscreen/Online Investigation” for Frontline)
Charlotte Rademakers (Call2Action)
Debika Shome (Harmony Institute)
Orlando Bagwell, Moderator

Presented in partnership with the Writers Guild of America, East.