New York Premiere!

The comatose young man with telekinetic powers is back with a vengeance in this crackerjack gothic retelling of Richard Franklin’s 1978 cult classic. Newly hired nurse Kathy (Sharni Vinson, who kicked ass in this year’s You’re Next) reports for duty at a private clinic, where among its near-vegetable patients, she finds Patrick (Jackson Gallagher) a most intriguing subject. Not only is he strikingly handsome but it appears that he’s trying to communicate with her (to account for modern technological advances, computers and cell phones have replaced typewriters as brain-wave receptors). The sketchy doctor (Charles Dance) and head nurse (Rachel Griffiths) who run the place don’t want to hear a word of it—and with good reason: even unconscious, the possessive Patrick is capable of causing great harm, which places everyone close to Kathy in serious jeopardy. A Phase 4 Films Release.