Unfortunately, Anjelica Huston will no longer be in person at this screening.

Anjelica Huston won an Oscar for her sly, scene-stealing work in her father's penultimate film, which premiered two weeks before his 79th birthday. Prizzi's Honor has the irreverent spunk of a debut and the reflective, generous voice of a swan song. Jack Nicholson gives one of his finest performances as a beloved, longtime hit man employed by a New York mob family, but he’s nearly upstaged by his two co-stars: Kathleen Turner as the savvy, beautiful West Coast mob killer he all-too-successfully courts, and Anjelica, as his spurned ex-lover. Prizzi’s Honor is the kind of comedy that could only have been made by a director fresh from the soul-searching of Wise Blood and Under the Volcano: loose and relaxed, yet hinting at darker depths.