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Two shorts examine the lasting effect of racial and ethnic stereotypes in the media, while a third looks for common ground between African-Americans and Jews following the ’91 riots.

Breaking Through Stereotypes (1994, 15m)
Using clips from Hollywood movies, Nazi propaganda and other films, this documentary analyzes racial and ethnic stereotypes in the media and how they shape our interactions with others.

We the People… (1992, 23m)
Produced in the quincentennial year of Columbus’s “discovery” of America, this film analyzes stereotypes of America’s indigenous peoples as seen in cartoons and liquor and cigarette advertisements. Interviews with Native American teenagers and adults indicate that there are still many obstacles to overcome.

Blacks and Jews: Are They Really Sworn Enemies? (1992, 30m)
EVC students examine the roots of the violence that broke out in summer of 1991 between African-American and Hasidic communities in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The youth producers make a strong case for alliance-building between Black and Jewish activists and their communities.