Q&A with director Bongkod Bencharongkul and producer Kongkiat Khomsiri

Part road movie, part thriller, and part drug-fueled psychodrama, Sad Beauty is a brave and unexpectedly personal film about two women’s friendship directed by actress Bongkod Bencharongkul (Bang Rajan, Tom-Yum-Goong). Florence Faivre (The Expanse) stars as a spoiled, insecure supermodel who leans on her put-upon best friend, while simultaneously taking her for granted. After a bloody encounter with a violent stepfather, the two friends experience a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness. Produced by Kongkiat Khomsiri, director of Khun Phan, the film belongs to Bencharongkul, who portrays a raw female intimacy rarely seen in Asian cinema. North American Premiere