Q&A with Aurélia Georges on March 12

While serving on the front lines of World War I, a former sex worker who’s now a nurse, Nélie Laborde (Lyna Khoudri, The French Dispatch), is given the unexpected chance to start a new life when one of her patients, Rose Juillet (Maud Wyler), is seemingly killed by invading German troops. Nélie assumes Rose’s identity and leaves the field of battle for the north of France, where the well-off Eléonore de Lengwil (Rendez-Vous favorite Sabine Azéma) lives. Rose was to be her ward, and—under her false identity—Nélie grows closer to Eléonore over their shared love of literature. Loosely adapted and updated from a Wilkie Collins novel, Aurélia Georges’s film (which premiered at last year’s Locarno Film Festival) brings the intensity of a thriller to a thoughtful drama about female identity.