From midnight romance and spiritual family drama to a sci-fi rom-com and gangster thriller, these six dynamic short films expand the boundaries of Asian female representation on the silver screen.

White Butterfly / Bạch Hồ Điệp
Catherine T. Nguyen, 2023, Vietnam, 20m
Vietnamese and English with English subtitles
East Coast Premiere

Judy Song, the daughter of Parasite star Song Kong-ho, joins veteran Vietnamese actresses Minh Trang Nguyen and Nhu Quynh Nguyen (Cyclo, The Vertical Ray of Sun) in this reverential family drama. Upon hearing of her estranged mother’s passing, Vietnamese-Korean May returns to Vietnam after two decades, determined to uncover the truth behind her parents’ separation.

Alyssa Loh, 2024, U.S., 16m
East Coast Premiere
Wrestling with a compulsion toward self-harm and pain, isolated law student Mia (Sonoya Mizuno, Ex Machina) meets Josie, a young, native New Yorker who appears warm, at ease, and in control. Their connection deepens as the night progresses, leading them into uncharted territory.

On a Boat / オン・ア・ボート
Heso, 2024, Japan, 32m
Japanese with English subtitles
International Premiere
A visit from a free-spirited friend threatens the delicate balance of a newlywed couple, Chu (Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy) and Sara (Ryo Matsuura, December, NYAFF 2023). A glimpse of her long-lost freedom prompts Sara to re-examine her marriage with her conservative husband.

Cross My Heart and Hope To Die
Sam Manacsa, 2023, Philippines, 17m
Tagalog with English subtitles
New York Premiere
Nominated at the 80th Venice Film Festival, Cross My Heart and Hope to Die revolves around Mila as she navigates an oppressive workplace while finding temporary solace through frequent phone calls from a love interest. When she agrees to meet him, her fate suddenly takes an unexpected turn: A promise of hope leads to tragedy and sad love songs.

A Karaoke Space Odyssey
Achim Mendoza, 2023, U.S./Philippines, 16m
English and Tagalog with English subtitles
East Coast Premiere
In this campy sci-fi rom-com musical, Stella, an undocumented Filipino in pursuit of a green card, goes on a wild karaoke date with a goofy white man that turns the whole world on its ear.

Don’t F*ck with Ba / Đừng Giỡn Mặt Với Bà
Sally Trần, 2024, U.S., 16m
Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese with English subtitles
World Premiere
Disillusioned by corrupt authorities, Thao and their friends decide to seek street justice against a thieving gang, aiming to foster renewed solidarity and protect their community. A one-of-a-kind multilingual retro crime-action flick, Don’t F*ck with Ba elevates Asian female representation and empowerment to the next level.