Q&A with Ashley L. Canfield, Naima Hebrail Kidjo, Chiemeka Offor, Devin Powell, Ahmed Samir, John Anthony Torres, and Derrick Woordward

Love Taps
Derrick Woodyard, 2023, U.S., 14m
New York Premiere

A young boy trying to cope with his parents’ separation gains a new perspective of his father after discovering his affair with another man.

The Last Joint
Devin Powell, 2024, U.S., 7m
World Premiere

Iman indulges in a last joint before he takes a tolerance break. Once all of the herbs are gone, his phone starts to blow up. Texts from his supplier and from his love interest, Tori, pressure Iman to succumb to his environment and pursue more stress-relieving medicine. Through this journey Iman learns if the collapse of his discipline was worth it.  

Antoine Paley, 2023, France, 12m
French with English subtitles
New York Premiere

Jeanne Duval, the mixed-race muse and partner of Charles Baudelaire has been forgotten by time and erased by history. But she refuses to remain silenced. In this short we see April 27, 1842: a day in the life of Duval and Baudelaire. As the day goes on, the weight of Charles’s words and needs becomes increasingly difficult for Jeanne to bear.

Ahmed Samir, 2024, Egypt/Germany, 18m
English, Arabic, and German with English subtitles
World Premiere

Inspired by a true story, Mirah, an Egyptian immigrant living in Germany, finds a unique way to adapt to the fast life of Berlin. Through the fictional story of Mirah and her journey of self-discovery, the film invites audiences to question the social masks we wear to feel safe.

Ashley L. Canfield, 2024, U.S., 23m
English and Spanish with English subtitles
North American Premiere

Hector Jr. tries to navigate the complexities of reconciling his self-identity amidst his father’s COVID-19 crisis.

Addis, My Father
Kitoko Diva, 2023, France/U.S., 8m
Amharic and English with English subtitles
U.S. Premiere

A sense of the inevitable fills the silence between Addis and Rahel, a father and daughter, as they work tirelessly in their empty clock and antique repair shop. 

Black Dreams
Chiemeka Offor, 2024, U.S., 16m
New York Premiere
In a realm of darkness, a young woman harnesses divine visions to manifest her dreams, unlocking a mesmerizing inner universe beyond imagination. ‘Black Dreams’ is a surreal documentary and an artistic testament to young black artists in New York. As they peel back the layers, they unearth their own brilliance, discovering a newfound sense of kinship within their community, a reminder that they are never truly alone.