All ticket holders receive free popcorn and soda and are invited to a post-screening reception at the Furman Gallery, featuring Czech beer, courtesy of Czech Center New York.

Introduction by Tereza Brdeckova, film writer and daughter of Jiri Brdecka.

This program of nine animated shorts by Brdecka spans his entire directing career and showcases his wealth of collaborations with important Czech artists and animators, such as Jiri Trnka and Eva Svankmajerova. From comedy to musical, tragedy, and even horror, the short films here, each designed by a different artist, have it all, even receiving acclaim in the West: Brdecka won the Grand Prix at Annecy International Animation Festival for his film Gallina Vogelbirdae (1963).

Springman and the SS / Perak a SS
Jiri Brdecka & Jiri Trnka, Czechoslovakia, 1946, 14m
No dialogue

The Frozen Logger / Zmrzly drevar
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1962, 5m
In English

Reason and Emotion / Rozum a cit
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1962, 15m
No dialogue

Gallina Vogelbirdae / Spatne namalovana slepice
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1963, 14m
No dialogue

The Letter M / Slovce M
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1964, 9m
Czech with English subtitles

Forester’s Song / Do lesicka na cekanou
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1966, 10m
Czech with English subtitles

Metamorpheus / Metamorfeus
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1969, 13m
Latin and Czech with English subtitles

There Was a Miller on a River / Jsouc na rece mlynar jeden
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1971, 11m
Czech with English subtitles

Prince Copperslick / Trinacta komnata prince Medence
Jiri Brdecka, Czechoslovakia, 1980, 9m
Czech with English subtitles