Cuarón’s mastery of rhythm and space was already evident in his debut feature. In this screwball comedy, an ad copywriter (Daniel Giménez Cacho, from Bad Education and Zama), tasked with brainstorming a slogan for jalapeño peppers, avoids writer’s block by compulsively sleeping with seemingly every woman he meets . . . to the point that he’s shuffling along his building’s exterior ledge between unsuspecting partners in separate flats. Soon after realizing she’s been duped, one of his lovers—a nurse with access to his medical records—decides it’s payback time. In his first collaboration with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, Cuarón lovingly renders Sólo con tu pareja through tightly timed gags and vividly designed tableaux, and its script, co-written with his brother Carlos Cuarón, bestows ample humor and empathy upon this story of a middle-class libertine. Print courtesy of Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE).