With his latest and most personal work, ROMA, Alfonso Cuarón has solidified his reputation as one of contemporary cinema’s most versatile and compelling voices. Since his debut feature, Sólo con tu pareja, made waves on the international festival circuit and became one of Mexico’s biggest box office earners in 1992 (despite its initial suppression by the government), Cuarón has tirelessly challenged the barriers of language and several distinct national film industries—including Hollywood, the UK, France, and his native Mexico—with a rich and varied body of work. This winter, the Film Society is honored to host Cuarón in person and bring together the director’s eight feature films: intimate dramas infused with humor and empathy, vividly stylized adaptations of beloved literary works, and technically groundbreaking global blockbusters that, taken together, offer insight into the mind of this visionary, inexhaustible filmmaker.

Organized by Dennis Lim and Tyler Wilson

Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE); Netflix