Life seems to be good for Shintoto, an up-and-coming rakugo artist who has just had his first sexual experience at a local brothel. Lucky for him, he gets to date the beautiful sex worker he meets that day, and a younger high school rakugo aficionado is also vying for his attention. But for clumsy, heart-on-his-sleeve Shintoto, life doesn’t stay rosy for long. Reflecting Morita’s belief that “anybody can write one masterpiece about the world they know best,” his debut theatrical feature (after his three prior 8mm DIY features) is a charming and comical coming-of-age tale set in the worlds of rakugo (a traditional form of Japanese sit-down comedy) and sex work, with impressions of the latter drawn from his interactions with the clientele of the restaurant where he was raised. Real-life rakugo artists are featured in abundance, lending the film an authenticity that enhances Morita’s stylized viewpoint.