Introduction by Corey Feldman on Jan. 10

Over a late-summer weekend in the 1950s, four boys set out to find a dead body rumored to be in the woods. Based on Stephen King’s novella “The Body,” Rob Reiner’s shrewdly cast third feature upends the classic coming-of-age film by compressing time, and adding elements of the road-trip movie as the buddies (played by Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and Jerry O’Connell) go from boys to men literally overnight. Taking its slightly anachronistic title from the 1961 Ben E. King song, which found a second chart-topping life with the film’s release, Stand by Me endures for the tender but unsentimental language it gives to the confusing adolescent feelings surrounding friendship, insecurities, and mortality.

“A Rob Reiner masterpiece. Four archetypal adventurers on a coming-of-age quest driven by the gravitational pull of the macabre. What begins as an invitation to gawk at a dead body ascends into a transcendental rumination on death.” —Jordan Peele