Due to an ongoing legal matter, That Day, on the Beach will be screened in a 16mm print. Admission for these screenings will be FREE. If you have already purchased a ticket, please see the box office for a refund.

Yang’s Antonioni-esque first feature (which also marked the debut of the Australia-born, Hong Kong-based cinematographer Chris Doyle) is a visually and emotionally arresting melodrama about the meeting of two old friends who haven’t seen each other in 13 years. Chia-li (the extraordinary Sylvia Chang) is a housewife trapped in a crumbling marriage. Chin-chin (Terry Wu) is a concert pianist newly returned to Taiwan after many years abroad. As they reminisce, Yang uses an intricate flashback structure to show us how they arrived at their respective stations in life—and the larger changes in the country itself from the traditional ideals of the post-Civil War generation to the Western-influenced, upwardly mobile youth of the 1980s.