China’s most exciting new action star Zhang Jin (The Grandmaster, SPL 2: A Time for Consequences, Ip Man 3, Pacific Rim: Uprising) gets his first leading role—and goes blond—in this crime drama set on the high seas. Zhang plays Tung, a police officer determined to crack the black-market gold operation run by fisherman-turned-smuggler Shing (Shawn Yue). His manhunt leads him from a small fishing village under Shing’s control to an unlikely partnership with triad boss Blackie (Yasuaki Kurata, in the midst of a career revival), who lives in international waters on a casino cruise ship. When Shing is betrayed, he plots to raid Blackie’s vault, which gives Tung the perfect window of opportunity to bring them both down. Hong Kong cinema veterans Soi Cheang and Paco Wong produce Jonathan Li’s directorial debut, which combines scuba stunts, car chases, and human drama. North American Premiere