Nicolas Alcala | Spain/Latvia/Russia | 93 minutes

New York Premiere!

Ambitious in scale and scope, The Cosmonaut is the very definition of what a multiplatform immersive narrative can be. Encompassing a feature film, web-based content, social media, studio albums, live events, and a documentary feature the project has garnered international attention and praise since its inception in 2009. Set in the late 1960’s, the project follows Stas and Andrei two Russian space-farers in training who along with a cast of adventurers, scientists, engineers, and dreamers are in a race against the clock to beat the United States to space. In addition to screening the feature film component of the story, NYFF Convergence will also feature The Cosmonaut Experience a specially curated collection of material originally featured on the web, giving audiences the chance to explore the depth of this unique story world first hand.