New York Premiere!

Director Eli Roth and star Lorenza Izzo in person!

With this homage to the Italian 1980 cult classic Cannibal Holocaust and other titles from the brief late-1970s vogue for Amazon cannibal movies, the inimitable writer-director-actor-producer-horror movie impresario who gave the world Hostel finds punishing and grisly new ways to inflict unimaginable torment and graphic violence on a group of unwary young Americans abroad. Justine (Lorenza Izzo), a naïve but feisty Columbia University student looking for a cause, joins a group of seemingly idealistic campus eco-activists on an trip to Peru to stage a cellphone-camera-wielding protest against the destruction of the jungle by the encroaching forces of land development. Mission accomplished. But when the group’s small aircraft crashes in the jungle, the survivors are captured by an indigenous tribe who definitely aren’t vegetarians. Let the ethnographically accurate bloodletting begin! Will Justine escape the fate of genital mutilation (i.e., a traditional “circumcision” ritual) and go on to be the proverbial Final Girl? Does a pygmy shit in the woods? An Open Road Films Release.