Original uncut version!

Whatever you do, don’t go in the basement. In the conclusion of splatter king Lucio Fulci’s unofficial “Gates of Hell” trilogy—memorably described by London Time Out critic Sheila Johnson as “literally a hack-work of almost awesome incoherence”—Italy’s maestro of carefree narrative non sequitur exercises relative restraint to tell an effectively gothic (but gory) tale of a New England house with a history… a history as dark as the basement into which the unwary descend, never to return. The story centers on Bob, a young boy who moves with his parents to a new house formerly occupied by a late colleague of his academic researcher father. Bob notices the face of a little girl at a window in a photograph of the house—although she is invisible to his parents. When the family arrives and moves in, Bob goes on to have a series of encounters with his mysterious invisible friend, Mae, who warns him that he’s in danger. Did we mention there’s a mysterious basement? And that people keep going down there to meet gruesome deaths? We did? So what’s down there? You don’t want to know. Heavily censored for its initial theatrical release, House by the Cemetery is presented here in a rare 35mm print of the original uncut version!